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C.M. Gray (aka Carmen) lives in Central Queensland in a house that was once a butcher’s shop.  She shares this house/shop with several cats, a varying number of goldfish, two small boys and a large one. 

Carmen is said to enjoy rock climbing, deep sea diving and base jumping but the people that say this are lying.  She is actually pretty scared of all these activities and would rather curl up on the sofa with a good book.  Or even a mediocre one.  Occasionally, when she’s feeling especially adventurous, she does archery with her two small boys.  They are eleven and fourteen years old and are much better at it than her so, like most adults, she pretends to let them win on purpose. 

At the moment, Carmen is busy working on a series to be published through ABC Harper Collins.      

CM Gray - zombiefied writer children's author illustrator zombie zombies cartoons

Photographer: Lauri-anne Rutherford

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