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Zombiefied! Infected

Nom!  Nom!  Nom!’ 

Benjamin Roy lives for the undead.  He plays zombie video games.  He watches zombie movies.  He even keeps a zombie comic handy for those emergencies when he’s forced to read a book.  Ben’s pretty sure he’ll never get enough of the undead!  Until the day he stumbles across a secret doorway at school.  It leads to an underground chamber where strange creatures lurk.

They’re not alive.

But they’re not quite dead, either…

Will Ben escape?  Or will he finally get too close to the undead to stay alive himself?



Benjamin Roy is a zombie. The trouble is, he can’t tell anyone about his new infrared vision and super-speed. Not even his best friend, Sophie. ‘Cause he’s pretty sure the government or the police or even worse, his parents will lock him up if they find out.

But then someone starts watching him. And following him. 

Somebody knows his secret. But unless Ben can figure out who it is, he’ll have to start running. Or lurching really fast.

Zombiefied! Outbreak

Zombiefied! Apocalypse

Benjamin Roy has finally learnt to control his infra-red vision and super-strength, so he’s sure his undead life is about to get easier. But being a zombie isn’t all grave-dirt and brains. There’s bad stuff too.

Like the creepy teacher at school watching his every move.

And the dangerous secret haunting his best friend.

But things really get spooky when Ben’s annoying brother goes missing.

Will Ben find him?

Or will he stumble across something even scarier than himself? 

Trick or treat?!

It’s Benjamin Roy’s first Halloween as a zombie and he’s keen to see if being a real ghoul gets him more candy. But it doesn’t take long before the tricks become dangerous and the treats turn deadly. 

Then, when the only bridge out of town is destroyed,

And corpses start creeping from their caskets,

He realizes there’s something rotten in his town, and it’s not just the zombies...

But how will Ben save anyone else, when he’s barely alive himself?

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